''Everything about the album is a pure maze, from the incredible wordplay employed over the duration to the ornate way the many different elements seem to slowly yet surely transform into new and unexpected things. Forgoing the obvious, theirs is a subtler shade of pop and they understand it well......Nicely resting in the very center of it all are those haunted, lovely vocals. Lyrics have their own poetry to them as weird, woozy narratives cascade throughout'' (Pandora's Box' Album review - Entropymag)

''Done to absolute perfection, the track possesses a unique sort of magic. Everything about it contains a mystical presence to it from the haunted demeanor of the vocals to the mesmerizing take of the synthesizer.....the song proves to be a real earworm, lingering in the recesses of the mind long after it has ended.....'The Shining' shows off the undeniable skill of the McKenzie FIX in offering a completely surreal experience - one highly memorable and strangely timeless'' ('The Shining' review - Beachsloth) 

''The Shining'' is an amazing piece of music'' (Lefuturewave)

''The McKenzie FIX blurs the lines between 80s indie and contemporary pop. The composition and style are unique and distinctive and it definitely stands out in the industry......This London-based act’s brand new release has a kaleidoscopic quality that features stunning multi-layered textures. It’s relaxing to listen to, yet the melody and lyrics make you want to play it over and over again so you can dive into the layered meaning......reminiscent of legendary acts, The Smiths, The Cure, and Tears for Fears....'' ('The Shining' review - The Bandcamp Diaries)

'''Ewan McKenzie’s music is clearly more about art than simply creating a commercial product and he clearly has a gift for composing beautiful melodies. Kay Russell’s lyrics about isolation seem particularly apposite during this era of social distancing and hopefully many will be moved by this touching song'' ('Alone' review - The Faulkner Review)


''McKenzie's masterful arranging skills are in full force and his careful phrasing adds another layer of sadness to the song'' ('Alone' review - Here Comes The Flood

 A plaintive lament, superbly sung and played with fantastic delicacy. And the lyrics are superb as well. A superbly simple song for superbly complicated times. ('Alone' review - Is This Music?)

''A beautiful sadness defines the McKenzie FIX’s somber “Alone”. The cinematic flair of the track works wonders in setting a mournful yet tasteful mood. Done with the greatest care for atmosphere the song possesses a haunted quality courtesy of those lovely vocals. Reminiscent of Ian Curtis’s bass baritone delivery the lyrics gain a particular heft thanks to the stately delivery. Stylistically they incorporate a wide slew of genres within the piece, from ambient to classical with a strong singer-songwriter element brought in for good measure'' ('Alone' review - Beachsloth)

''Alone is a highly specific piece of music and as a result the themes and messages seem truly universal. The track has an abundance of maturity from a musician who clearly understands the intricacies of the genre he inhabits. An impressive debut single from an artist with very clear potential.'' ('Alone' review - The Alternative Noise)

''The first thing that impressed me was the quality of the production: a crisp, clear, and immersive sound that made me forget about everything else around me while listening to the song. The track features some edgy and memorable melodies, starting from the piano opener, which adds to the atmosphere of this release. This song’s vocals are also excellent, combining personal lyricism with a nuanced and interesting flow.'' ('Alone' review - The Bandcamp Diaries)

"Simple instrumentation and approach is refreshing. A very poignant and timely lyric that captures the feeling of being alone, even when surrounded by others. Vocals are nice, with judiciously placed backing vocals that enhance the track.........All in all, a good offering that is accessible to a broad range of people. With a foot in contemporary alternative folk-pop...... you have an interesting approach that is anything but cookie cutter. Good job in creating your own, unique sound and approach." ('Alone' review by Music Supervisor Gael MacGregor

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